Trolley is not a TODO list.
Trolley is full of features optimised for grocery shopping. The more you use it, the easier it gets.

Easy input

Choose from your previous items or enter new items easily. Add categories to them for easier navigation in the supermarket.


Smart list

Let Trolley suggest what items should be running out in your pantry. This feature gets better after you've used trolley for a while.


Mark items easily

In the supermarket, use the categories you've defined to navigate and simply swipe right if you got the item. No worries in case the item is out of stock, swipe left to mark it as "to buy later"



Add your recipe ingredients and share them with others.


Multi-user lists

Share your list with others. Let your family enter new items while you are at the supermarket.


And more...

  • Use your gmail account to securely access Trolley.
  • No internet? No worries, use Trolley offline and it will sync next time you open it.
  • Available in Android and Web. IOS users can install it as a Progresive web app.